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Ablution facilities and mobile toilets manufactured to your requirements

Absolute Ablutions (Pty) Ltd, situated near Cape Town, is an entrepreneurial company and leading manufacturer of mobile ablution facilities in South Africa including mobile toilets. Specializing in the manufacturing and supply of mobile sanitations, non-standard ablution systems, vendors, military and other units, we aim to supply our customers with the highest quality mobile ablution products and services. Through the Tanx trailers division, we manufacture, repair, modify, service and customise all trailer types. Our container division is highly capable and produces anything from ablutions systems to kitchens and containers for marine diving systems.

For years we have been designing and producing an innovative range of products, and we have done this by means of the following:

  • Our unique method of production and batch production strategies
  • Pre-scheduling standard products to eliminate long lead times
  • Manufacturing client specific product to our own design and discretion
  • Building a strong and reliable supply base and a policy of supplier management to establish an on time delivery system for reliable production supply
  • Staying ahead in relevant technologies
  • Making all possible efforts to qualify as the preferred supplier where possible to all major clients

Ablution facilities and Mobile Toilets from Absolute Ablutions

At Absolute Ablutions our two primary missions are our customers satisfaction and to remain the leader in our industry throughout South Africa. During our 16 years of existence, we have differentiated ourselves from other local and foreign manufactures of similar equipment by offering a unique range of client orientated products and professional advice and solutions, depending on the demands of our customers. We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers and they have come to rely on and trust our personal assistance and advice.

Over the years, we have exported to no less than 24 countries worldwide, with a growing market in New Zealand and Australia as well as recent interest from the USA. We also supply to various mining companies across Southern Africa, and we have been used by the militaries of several countries. Our specialized containers for diving systems are also used abroad. In short, we are considered the workhorse of our industry.

Absolute Ablutions serves a variety of customers, but the majority of our business consists of trading with service companies. The personalised service, competitive pricing, unique designs as well as the technical and design expertise we offer are some aspects that differentiate Absolute Ablutions as the leader in the ablution facilities, mobile toilet and trailer manufacturing industry nationwide.

Absolute Ablutions is also a registered manufacturer (MIB) and authorised seller of specialised trailer based units, and all the products we manufacture (excluding the dive systems) are of our own design.

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