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LOOKING TO FIND mobile toilets for sale? See our Basic Range

Agri single non-road
Agri single road
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Footflush single non-road
Footflush single road
Footflush single double non-road
Footflush single double road

The Basic Range of mobile toilets for sale from Absolute Ablutions are basic mobile ablution units, yet we did not compromise on convenience. These mobile toilets are suited for use in even the most remote locations – and some of our units can function without any external input.

Our units are ideal for use in the mining, construction and agricultural sectors and we have supplied our innovative products to clients around the globe. Some clients also make use of our units for outdoor events and festivals as it offers a practical and affordable ablution solution that works anywhere, anytime. All units are fitted with toilet paper dispensers and basins for the users’ hygiene.

We have a standard range of products and designs available for sale, but should a client have a custom design idea in mind, we might be able to assist in manufacturing your custom design. In such instances, we urge you to contact our team directly to discuss your design idea. Our talented designers will then present you with a sketch illustrating how we can bring your design to life. Once the drawing is finalised, with the clients’ suggestions and changes, we will manufacture the final product.

If you need a fully-functioning and convenient mobile toilet solution, be it for an outdoor event or for a remote construction or mining project, look no further!

OUR BASIC RANGE of mobile toilets include:

We have a wide selection of mobile toilets for sale at Absolute Ablutions. No matter how basic the unit is, clients can rest assured that our team does not compromise on the quality or functionality of the unit. Our Basic Range consists of:

AGRI SINGLE (Road & Non-Road)

Our Agri Single Basic Toilet is widely utilised in the mining, agricultural and construction industries. This unit can be seen as the ‘workhorse’ in the industry as these units offer a simple and flexible solution to ablution requirements in even the most remote locations. The unit works on a conservancy system, both the toilet and basin, and fresh water is supplied via an overhead tank.

The Agri Single can be customised to meet our clients’ needs, and we have a Road and Non-Road unit available for different demands.

(Road & Non-Road)

Just as with our Agri Single Basic Toilet, the Agri Double is a popular choice in the agricultural, mining and construction sectors. It is a sturdy and durable mobile toilet that allows for practicality in any location. To conserve water, the unit runs on a conservancy system, for the basins and toilets, and it therefore requires very little maintenance. Fresh water is supplied to the unit via an overhead tank.

This no frills, no fuss unit is fitted with two granite-looking toilets and basins and it is available as a Road or Non-Road unit.

(Road & Non-Road)

The FootFlush Single is our barebones unit. The design is simple and efficient, and we chose to favour affordability and low-maintenance requirements above luxury and comfort. Due to its simplicity, many miners, builders, and agriculturalists prefer this unit.

With a foot-flush mechanism, this is the ideal unit for a range of applications, and it is available as a Road and Non-Road unit. A lot of clients prefer to purchase our FootFlush unit as the toilet can be flushed without having to touch any handle or flushing mechanism. Both the toilets and basins in this unit run on a conservancy system and are supplied with fresh water via an overhead tank.

(Road & Non-Road)

The FootFlush Double, just as the Single, is our low-maintenance mobile toilet solution. Ideal for builders, farmers and miners, this unit is affordable and simple to use. The toilets and basins run on a conservancy system and the unit only requires a routine service now and again.

This unit is available in single and double format and can be customised to meet our clients’ needs. Both the toilets and basins in the FootFlush run on a conservancy system – fresh water is supplied directly through an overhead tank. Many clients favour purchasing our FootFlush unit because the toilet can be flushed without having to touch any handle or flushing mechanism.

If you would like to find out more about our range of mobile toilets for sale, you are welcome to browse through our separate products, or simply contact our team directly via phone or email.


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