FREESTANDING showers & portable toilets for sale

portable toilets for sale

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FREESTANDING showers & portable toilets for sale
FREESTANDING showers & portable toilets for sale
With the range of freestanding showers and portable toilets from Absolute Ablutions, we aim to provide clients with a practical and convenient solution for mobile ablutions. What distinguishes our mobile toilets, showers, kitchens, caravans, and more, from our competitors is the fact that our ablution products are suitable for any terrain, no matter how remote.

Our selection of freestanding designs is innovative, and our units are manufactured in line with our company’s strict standards – clients can therefore expect a comfortable and lasting product when relying on our team.

To ensure that we meet our company’s standards when delivering an end product, while at the same time remaining the leaders in what we do across South Africa, we have a list of objectives that our entire team keeps in mind during the design process, manufacture of the product, etc.

OUR RANGE of freestanding toilets & shower units include:

The range of freestanding showers and portable toilets at Absolute Ablutions are ideal for a range of applications.

Our freestanding units are divided as follows:


Flushbox – a simple and convenient unit that is available in single and double format. It is a static unit, but it can easily be transported with one of our skeletal trailers, or multiple units can be transported with a truck. To prolong use, the unit recycles water for flushing.

CleanFlushbox – simple mobile toilet that only uses clean water for flushing. The unit is available in single and double format. Being a static unit, clients will require a skeletal trailer or a truck to transport these units. It can also be handled with a crane or forklift.


Freestand – this convenient unit works on a ‘plug-and-play’ basis and can be connected to any main sewage and water supply and will fully function. The unit is static but can easily be moved with a trailer or truck.

Freestand Pumper – with a special pump mechanism, this unit can carry waste across a certain distance and therefore does not have to be right next to a sewage connection. It also works on the ‘plug-and-play’ system and will therefore be functional when connected to a water supply. The unit can be transported with a trailer or truck.

Container Type Ablutions – these loose standing ablution units can be designed with any number of toilets, showers, urinals and basins. If required by a client, it is also possible to design the unit to function without external input.


Kayaloo Toilet – developed for use in informal settlements, the Kayaloo Mobile Toilet can be designed to fit 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 toilets. The unit is corrosion resistant and tamper free and requires very little maintenance. The toilet works on a push-button flush and the unit therefore requires external water and sewage connections. Users do not need to worry about the sewage because the unit is fitted with a flush master pump that effortlessly gets rid of waste.

Kayaloo Shower – the Kayaloo offers safe, sturdy shower ablutions that are tamper proof and requires minimum maintenance. The unit can be set up anywhere near a water supply and will function immediately. To provide users with warm water, the unit is fitted with either gas heating or an electrical heating system. Altogether, the unit contains 8 showers. The unit also contains 2 extra rooms that are used for controlling the entire system.

Kayaloo Toilet / Shower – this unit is a full ablution block that offers 4x showers and 4x toilets. To ensure that hot water is readily available, the unit can be fitted with a gas or electrical heating system. The toilets work with a push-button flush and requires external sewage and water supplies. Besides the 4 toilets and 4 showers, the Kayaloo also has a geyser room that contains the gas or electrical geyser that supplies warm water to all the showers. If requested, basins with taps can also be installed in the unit. The Kayaloo Ablution Block was designed to be used in informal settlements and is therefore robust and tamper proof.

If you have browsed through our selection of ablution units and you are struggling to find exactly what you need, we welcome you to get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements. Our design team may be able to assist you in creating portable toilets and/or showers that meet your exact requirements.

For more on the range of products listed on this page specifically, feel free to contact us via phone or email, today!