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MOBILE KITCHENS designed for a range of catering requirements

Whether you need a mobile kitchen solution for your mobile coffee shop, your food stall, your tuck shop, or for your on-the-go catering company, we have the right solution for you at Absolute Ablutions! We offer a wide range of mobile kitchens that are fully equipped to let you serve your clients conveniently – no matter the location.

All our mobile catering units have been designed to offer convenience to our clients. When investing in any of our mobile ablution solutions, clients can rest assured that quality and durability are some of our top priorities.

OUR KITCHEN options:

Since we understand that each of our clients’ requirements are different, we can customise our mobile kitchens to meet any specific needs. Our designs range from a very basic, Small Mobile Kitchen which can be set up as a mobile coffee shop, as a tuck shop, or even a food stall. This unit is practical and easy to transport.

Our 4M and 6M Kitchens are container type kitchens that are fitted with everything that may be required to prepare delicious meals. These units are perfect for on-the-go caterers who serve food at outdoor events. With this unit, you can park anywhere and prepare 5-star meals comfortably. Typically, when manufacturing these units, we work with the client during the design and manufacturing processes to ensure that the layout and all the amenities meet their specific needs, but generally it includes all the appliances used in a regular catering environment.

Another one of our mobile kitchens is our Long Distance Catering Kitchen. This unit is ideal for travellers who are looking for a catering solution, as well as individuals who are completing projects in remote areas and need to feed themselves and their employees. The unit includes a cold room, various cooking areas, a dishwashing area, on-board gas heating and water storage capacity, and more. This unit is designed to be as robust as possible and can therefore be counted on for catering purposes in even the most remote locations.

Interested in finding out more about our mobile kitchens? You are welcome to browse through our range and to click on any product for more specific details. Alternatively, you can contact us directly to discuss your requirements.


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