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MOBILE SHOWERS designed and manufactured to last

When working remotely in the agricultural, mining, or construction industries, taking a shower after a long day is a top priority. Of course, in remote areas, this is not always simple. That is where Absolute Ablutions comes in! We offer a wide selection of practical and innovative mobile ablution solutions, including mobile showers. Our products are easy to transport and can be used in almost any location.

We have designed several ranges of mobile showers to try and accommodate the diverse needs of clients in different sectors. We offer more basic shower options, as well as mobile showers designed with comfort in mind.

Although some of our units require an external water source to function, many of our mobile showers have been designed to include space for water on-board, seeing that a lot of our clients work in areas where there is no external water source available. The size of the water capacity depends on the size of the unit and the number of showers it has. Our largest unit offers 10 mobile showers, and as this would require a lot of water usage, it requires an external water source.

WHAT ABOUT hot water?

One of the things we did make sure of for each of our mobile showers is that hot water is available. Depending on the design, our shower units either use an on-board gas heating system to provide users with hot water, or some of our units connect to an external power source and then supply hot water via a diesel boiler system.

We also made sure that the water pressure will stay constant when the showers are used, so whether one person or four people are taking a shower, both the temperature and water pressure will stay constant. Therefore, our units offer complete luxury!

Most of the units are fitted with soap dishes for each shower, and if the unit is big enough, there is also a separate space for dressing.

For more specific details on each of our shower units, feel free to browse through the range and click on every product. If you are interested in a mobile shower, but you do have some questions, you are welcome to contact us either via phone or email.


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