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A WIDE RANGE of mobile toilets for sale, suited for a variety of industries

At Absolute Ablutions, we have a wide range of innovative mobile toilets for sale that are suitable for a variety of industries. Each range has been designed with practicality, convenience, and durability in mind.

Whether you are looking for a mobile ablution solution for your personal requirements, or because you work in the agricultural, mining, or construction sectors and often need to work remotely, you are bound to find a toilet that meets your requirements right here. Even though our toilets differ per range, clients can expect nothing but quality when investing in any of the mobile ablutions offered by our team.


Our Basic Range includes various products that are suitable for outdoor use. Toilet options include both single and double units, and clients can choose between our Road and Non-Road designs. All our toilets are also fitted with a basin and toilet paper dispensers.

For a bit more comfort and luxury, clients may want to opt for a product in our Ultra VIP Range. These units include anything from 2 – 4 toilets and are ideal for outdoor events such as musical festivals. In this range, we also have Recycle Units that circulate the same water for flushing, which is the ideal option for those who wish to conserve water.

Our Classic VIP Range has also been designed with our clients’ comfort in mind. Although it offers more luxury, the maintenance required for these units are still relatively low. These units also include LED lighting, making it more convenient for users at night time.

The Maxi Range is ideally suited for outdoor events and can be combined with any number of toilets and/or shower facilities to meet our clients’ exact requirements.

The last of our mobile toilets for sale is our Disabled Access range. We are proud to be the forerunner in handicapped ablution facilities, with quality and convenience rivalling even some permanent installations. Our handicapped ablution facilities are fitted with an easy-access ramp that extends from the unit. Inside, the units are also fitted with grab-rails to assist users.

As part of our services, we also manufacture any custom ablution solution required by a client. So, if you have not found what you are looking for within our toilet range, you are welcome to get in touch with our team to discuss your idea, and we might be able to help you realise it.


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