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Supply ablutions in areas where sewerage connections are not available. Connected to a underground septic tank and external water supply


Single public toilet. Vandal resistent with stainless steel toilet pan and concealed flush mechanism. Robust but still esthetically pleasing.


Underground Flush

This underground mining unit, which is also suitable for other loose standing ablution applications, operates on a recirculation system with batteries and filters and requires minimal service.

Mining/Marine Platform

This compact portable toilet for sale was developed for a marine drilling platform with two tanks requires only a 15mm water supply, fresh basin water is supplied from roof tank, and toilet flushes into under floor tank, is fully corrosion resistant and can be positioned by forklift or crane.


Container Type

Loose standing ablution unit that can be designed to operate with or without external services – any size and combination of toilet, urinal, showers and basins are available.

Container Type Urinal

Loose standing ablution unit with container locks and tanks, pumps, filters and batteries designed to operate without any external services , any size and combination of toilet, urinal or basins are available.



The KAYALOO ablution block was developed and successfully deployed in several informal settlements, available in 2,4,6,8 or 10 toilets, with flush master valves, fully corrosion resistant, tamper proof and requires minimum service other than regular maintenance.

Shipping Container

Shipping container modified for ablution use, typically a standard 6 meter shipping container can include 6 to 8 cubicles with toilets, heated showers, basins, urinals and lights.

Fold Down Shipping Container

Container sized ablution block with fold down and slide out sections/panels to increase useable area, three fold. This unit included 12 toilets, 4 urinals, 6 basins and a storage area.

AACU - Advanced Ablution Container Unit

A first in the world! Using the best of American technology and combining it with South African ingenuity, we have created a portable ablution facility that can operate off-grid with minimal external input and nearly zero environmental impact. The water from the 4 Toilets, 2 showers and 3 basins is recycled completely and all effluent is 100% environmentally friendly.

Mobile Toilets for sale - Freestand (Non Trailer) Units

Flush Box

The static version of the COMPACT FLUSH. Transported on a skeletal trailer or multiple units on a truck. Can be handled by crane or forklift.


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