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TRAILERS FOR SALE | Ideal for a range of specialist applications

TRAILERS FOR SALE | Ideal for a range of specialist applications
TRAILERS FOR SALE | Ideal for a range of specialist applications
TRAILERS FOR SALE | Ideal for a range of specialist applications

At Absolute Ablutions, we have a wide selection of trailers for sale. Most of our trailers have been designed to transport heavy duty machinery and equipment and are often used in the wine industry to transport filtration and processing units. The units also offer other applications, however, as they are fitted with hatches and stands and can be set up as display or workshop units.

When it comes to our trailers, clients can rest assured that our products have not only been designed to offer our clients a lasting solution – the products were also manufactured in line with our strict company standards and will therefore withstand harsh weather conditions and serve our clients for years to come.

We are proud to state that we are a registered manufacturer (MIB) and official seller of specialised trailer-based units, and all the products we manufacture (excluding our range of dive systems) are designed by our own team. Our products are available across South Africa, as well as abroad. Throughout our years of service, we have exported our products to more than 24 countries across the globe and our products can be found anywhere from Australia and New Zealand to the USA.

If you are unable to find a trailer that meets your unique requirements, you are welcome to talk to our team about a custom design that you have in mind.

OUR RANGE of special equipment trailers for sale include:

We have designed and manufactured a selection of sturdy and convenient trailers for sale at Absolute Ablutions. These trailers can be used to transport a vast range of machinery and equipment and are suitable for use in various professional industries.

Clients can have peace of mind that the trailers supplied by our company were manufactured with only the best available materials, and by utilising advanced methodologies to ensure functionality and durability. Our range of trailers include:


This trailer was designed to transport smaller equipment. The unit is fitted with hatches and stands so that it can be turned into a display unit or workshop. It is also often used as a filtration or other service type unit.


The Large Special Equipment Trailer has been designed to meet a range of client requirements. It is fitted with a combination of hatches and stands and clients often utilise it as a field filtration unit. It can also be used as a workshop and offers a capacity of 3500kg.


Our Special Equipment Caravan is a Double Axle Heavy Duty unit that can be used in a arrange of industries such as the wine processing industry. It is also used as a display unit or workshop.

Although the units differ in size and in design, clients can rest assured that practicality and durability were top priorities during the creation of the above listed special equipment trailers.

For our clients’ convenience, we also offer an affordable solution for expert repair and maintenance services for all kinds of trailers. Tanx trailers is a division of Absolute Ablutions and is responsible for the modification, repair, servicing, or customisation of any kind of trailer.

For clients who have a unique trailer requirement, our talented design team may be able to help you bring your idea to life. Designing and manufacturing custom products from scratch are part of our expertise and we are always excited to take on a new, challenging task. The first step in this process is to make an appointment with us to tell us more about the design that you have in mind.

Hereafter, our design team will put together a sketch that illustrates how we can bring your design to life. Once the design is approved, we will render a digital 3D design to ensure that the entire unit is functional and ready for manufacture. A final drawing will be completed, and our team will get to work to manufacture your design.

If you would like to find out more about any one of our trailers, or any of our other ablution units, please feel free to reach out to our team. We look forward to hearing from you!


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